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Canine Training

HoC helps families ‘start right’ with new their new puppy, and also with adolescent and adult dogs …..
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Creative/Dance Movement Therapy

It is a form of expression which uses natural dance movements to achieve a balance between emotional, …..
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Animal Assisted Activities

HoC uses dogs in recreational and visitation programs to help people and children deal with wide …..
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Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals, such as …..
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Humans Of Canines


Our team is full of dog lovers, trainers, behaviorists, and artists.
What makes our team special is the network of doggos, who make our job so enjoyable.

HoC Founder - Poorvaja Kumar

I am Poorvaja Kumar, and I like wearing many hats- I’m a social development professional, a dancer, singer and theatre artist, a dance movement therapist, a Bollywood connoisseur, a veterinary assistant, a certified canine trainer and an internationally certified, working closely with therapy dogs. It is my endeavor to play multiple roles in my lifetime, much like a Bollywood Superstar but in ‘real-life’.

After a professional experience of nearly ten years and a double Masters from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, I decided to pursue my dream of spending my life with dogs ; many, many dogs.

I started ‘Humans of Canines’ to improve the relationship between humans, pet-parents and dogs. My interactive canine workshops include dancing, music and a lot of drama; pretty much combining all my passions together (well almost all, until Shahrukh Khan attends one of my workshops 🙂 ).


& Accomplishments

Poorvaja is certified to practice dog training and animal assisted therapy. She is also a certified Dance Movement Therapist and a Veterinary Assistant. She has achieved the 4th level in Canine Training and Behaviour, under John Rogerson. She was awarded the ‘Best Upcoming Dog Trainer Award’ at Pet Fed 2017 and her initiative, ‘Humans of Canines’ often gets featured in newspaper articles, seminars and short films. Apart from working with dogs, Poorvaja also volunteers at animal shelters and orphanages.



I am writing this Letter of Recommendation and Appreciation for Ms. Poorvaja Kumar whom I had the opportunity to work with as part of the Young Psychologist Program, at Insighte. As a mentor, I have seen how passionate and knowledgeable she has been in mentoring the students on Animal Assisted Therapy.
Her passion for Animal Assisted Therapy reflected in her sessions. She and her dog Murphy were the stars of the day demonstrating various aspects of how therapy dogs function.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time working with her. Her knowledge and expertise in Animal Assisted Therapy was a rewarding experience. She kept the students engaged throughout the session and made the learning experience interactive, practical and fun.
We benefited greatly from her sessions.

Midhun Noble, CEO, Insighte

Poorvaja ma’am, founder of Human of Canines, her dogs and their stories gave me one of the best zoom sessions I’ve had till date. Personally, I was so bored of online classes and assignments, until we had a session on animal assisted therapy – and my heart was so full. Not only will the session give you two hours of adoration towards the dog and make you “aww” each time Murphy impresses you, but it’ll also teach you so much about a kind of therapy you might’ve never even heard about. We were also shown videos of dogs have connected with people and helped them. It was incredible.
In my opinion, sessions like these help you grow, personally. I’ve never been a dog person, in-fact, I’ve never been an animal person! But in those two hours, I understood how animals can heal you in a way no human can. Now, I can’t wait to buy a cute little animal myself!

Riya Gurnani

The sessions was super interactive, where ma’am introduced us all to her dog and even showed us some tricks that he could do. Keeping aside the doggy cuteness, ma’am did teach us a lot about what Animal Assisted Therapy means, where it could be used and what other animals are involved in the same. I loved the session, because it was quite insightful and when it ended I was satisfied because the speaker
successfully answered all the questions I had in my head.


Animal-assisted therapy is one of best sessions that I have attended. The speaker explained everything so aptly, we got to learn about AAT in depth. It was also the cutest session as we saw her playing with her therapy dog. A lot of people started planning to pursue this field after this session. She was so detailed and articulate about all the questions that was asked and she had a great ppt to explain more beautifully! Really thankful for that session.


Animal-assisted therapy session was very interesting and insighteful. It cleared a lot of misunderstandings of how therapy is different from visitations and how therapy animals are different from other emotional support animals.It gave a view on how counselors often incorporate AAT into traditional therapies for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. I loved the session and especially Murphy being the show-stealer.

Sakshi M

The session conducted by Poorvaja on Animal-Assisted Therapy was really fun. She burst many myths about the same. The presence of Murphy spiked the whole essence of the session. I was gald that I attended the session. It was extremely intriguing and filled with loads of fun. It increased my interest towards the same and I am definitely looking forward to be a part of any other such ventures from Human Of Canines. It was indeed a good getaway from serious stuffs by being extremely engaging and soothing.


The session conducted by Ms. Poorvaja was extremely fun and interesting. I had never even heard of animal-assisted therapy before and the session helped me explore this niche. I was so intrigued by the theme of animal-assisted interventions that I decided to contact the Humans of Canines for an internship opportunity! I’m currently working with them and it’s been an amazing experience so far!


Animal-assisted therapy! I had never heard about it earlier and having attended the session with purvaja ma’am was such a great introduction to this field!!! Especially the way she told everything from the basics … how it is used therapy and how fun the job being animal-assisted therapist is ❤.
Best add-on and the most cute part was Murphy ….he made the session unforgettable with brilliant efforts by purvaja ma’am 🙂

Sakshi Kanaje

At the outset, I would like to Thank You for conducting a webinar with the Master’s students of Human Development and Childhood Studies at the Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi.
The area of Animal Assisted therapy is fairly new in our country and your interaction was very valuable in giving the girls an overview of the work that can be done in the area of human wellbeing by the association with dogs/ other animals. The detailed aspects of using animals within an ethical frame of care for them was also highlighted by you. The aspects of interaction with special needs children and families were also something they learned from you. Within the short time available, your passionate engagement with the area touched all of us deeply. We wish you all the best in this endeavor of bringing animal-assisted therapy to help many more individuals and groups.

Vinita Bhargava, PhD Associate Professor, Dept. Of HDCS.

Awareness with care!  You have moulded the ways of animal education in such a way that the society is not only aware of the dogs but also about their feelings and developed sensitivity. Great work!

Chal Chaley, NGO

New Delhi

Poorvaja’s compassion for animals is well known and it has been amazing to see her give direction to her dreams. Her organization has grown so much in just a year and has helped so many dogs, pet owners, and children. A skillful trainer and a one who always takes suggestions from veterinarians to share with others to guide them in the best possible way is something that stands out. A skillful trainer, who always consults veterinary doctors to give the best advice to pet parents.

Dr Anahita Kumar, Senior Veterinarian, WVS

Poorvaja started training my puppy when she was 9 weeks old. This was the best decision for Missy because she taught her everything about basic discipline and socializing.
She designed a couple of games that exercised her both physically and mentally! Missy even picked up shake hands, high five, down, sit and roll over in less than no time. The best part was that everyone at home was asked to do the same thing so that the puppy just doesn’t train with her. This was a major plus in shaping her social and overall personality as well as her basic discipline.
Now, Missy has grown up to be very very affectionate and fearless!

Ananya Chopra

Pet Parent

We met Poorvaja in 2016 when she came round to train our dog,   Jack. Since then we have kept in contact and she remains one of Jack’s most favorite people in the world! We were impressed by her knowledge of dog behavior and her commitment to training dogs in a kind and calm manner. She is passionate, skilled and approachable. All dog parents out there will agree that if you have the chance to work with her then it is like striking gold!

Samantha, Andrews & Jack

Pet Parent

Working with Humans of Canines has been a great experience. Being able to witness and participate in activities and interventions that involve movements and dog therapy is truly amazing. Not only you enjoy the whole experience but it can have a huge impact with respect to the achievement of a certain goal. Poorvaja brings in her enthusiasm and positivity on the floor with creative ways to ensure she provides the help required.

Tanya Jaspal – Psychologist

Life Coach

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